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Innovative Targeted Therapeutics from PhotoBiotics

Bespoke targeting agents for MRI imaging and cancer treatment. We call this OptiLink

About Us

PhotoBiotics Ltd is a multidisciplinary spin-out from Imperial College London UK which combines chemistry, photophysics, and biochemistry ... read more »

Technology / Pipeline

Optilink - Light activated molecules
Antibody fragment with PhotoBiotics' Optilink proprietary conjugation technology being used to attach a variety of agents, in this case for phototherapy and MRI diagnosis

Antibody-drug conjugates are expected to be the next generation of antibody therapeutics. Current unmodified monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) do not cure, and can only extend survival by 5-6 months. In addition, many antibodies suffer from drug resistance due to mutations in cell-signalling pathways.

OptiLink™ is a unique and simple conjugation platform for better drug delivery in imaging and therapy. It enables multiple loading of drug molecules and imaging agents onto specifically bio-engineered antibody fragments... read more »

OptiLink™ technology is currently being used with photosensitiser innovations to create ProstaLite, a promising novel targeted light activated therapy for prostate cancer.

As our pipeline evolves, OptiLink™ will deliver novel targeted 'see and treat' agents to improve efficacy and tolerability of treatment, significantly shorten tumour treatment times, and improve quality of life for patients... read more »

Latest News

Review published for special ADC issue of 'Antibodies'
Review published for special ADC issue of 'Antibodies'

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